The Words of the Spong [02 Mar 2016]

The following is a monthly update from my Apprentice, the Spong:

well, see ya Harold, have fun now, seems weird when we all shut ou internet down for 6 months, even Jaystepher has things to do, yeah, have fun now, I have the lego brick built Ilvermony school of witcraft and wizardry to buid, in time for the September school time. with no dr who or things to do this, year. events of star wars as well , 16, December 2016, and dr who 25 decemebr 2016 is going to be a fun spong time. next spong itme in September I guess. so be good Harold,

ok, month check, in in preparation for the new JK Rowling era, 2016 new assignment to incorporate, how the youth of today interpret the ,. understandigns of the umans, in a wizard world, lets cal it, adam spong taching the world of. Asperger asexual .
hello Harold, are you ready for the plan of re-entry to july 2016. I will report back in one month agai, to see how you are progressing

lol, Harold, hold on, gets rather asexual speek, noun as verbies. bit quiet in the western front. actually been hangin out with the asexual friends, yeah, they make sence to their literary ways , will be back to see how you interpret the plot lines in july Harold, yeah, adam spong returns in july 2016 it is a lot like this, we examine sexuals, int he world and report back, the asexual community. mother ship, is a lot like teenage school system, .. I am going to explain it like a professional AFOL who tells their wives, just like you Harold, you explain things rather well, like a reconissance tech, noun those verbies. lego used to be an aspergers asexual relm, got all these married people trying to invade asexual space, lol, reform and regroup, with the asexuals, and we all laugh at the sexuals trying to understand shit and because you don;t ask questions Harold. y, you know this relm as well, so, i dont need to explain, the complexities of, the sexuals, pervng on in on, us, like, ” look at the nerd, geeks of relm hmm, what other phrases distinuish us, geeks of doom is an old tumbr one from 1990’s
oh “geek and sundry”, yeah, themsn those days i was trying to think what the best way to explian the the lego grup of wedding marriage people of how, an asperger asexual, relates, and, i have been writing alot over the past week, and will try to write it like this, imagine a traditional lego asperger dr who asexual s tar wars lego builder,. in 5 year stages, from birth to 5 years, all teething, and 5 to 10 years of age, the examiner of the humans, and 10 -15 – the big test period, 15 – 20 would be the one where the asexual asperger would be an undercover opperative trying to disguise their alien-ness to be a human, and 20 -25, is the real test, that is thy fail that period they are forever in limbo
yeah, my assigmnet of the 5 year perspective, now in stage 7 . Question . what do asexual aspergers, thinking about when they are in school and think about , weird sexuals, invading their space. in the community. that is my research and its fun and exciting. well, until we get same sex marriage in australia, no asexual, will actually acknowledge their real existence, though we do have a space to write it in the autralian census of 2016 so I will pencil it n my criteria, instead of jedi, I will write sexuality asexual , o r can I fit bisexual asexual poly pansexual all on one line, , until next month, Harold, and Mini bricks, see yas in April, , life and tiems of the spong I am guessing april 1, check in, see ya then ,

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  1. ajazeagle says:

    Reblogged this on adam spong lego and commented:
    Visit the Awesome Grandpa Spong, he just updated is Google Chrome. and his Google Hangous, and is able to stream on the Asia PAcific Stream, squeeeee
    the spong is back


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