Introducing THE SPONG

Hello,the  official introduction of the  spong, 2015  edition , Ap stream  Warning. turn back now,  save  yourself . . this  the  Spong. each month, i   will post   at  least  4  updates,  for  each month ,  each one  for the  week, making it  a  52    submission rate a  year.

so, what  has  been  happening,   week  1.   of  lego January.

week 2  birthday of  the  spong

school back

school .   Hogarts

February is. Lego mOvie month, rememberence, and in 2016,  a  recap of the  lego movie  part 2

it  shall be  an interesting  year, of  events,  feb  2016 – to feb  2017

as well as  March April the  School/ Easter Holidays

May  is  May month of  Star was, –  always

June s   re-sort of  lego hOgarts, always

July is th elast month i  can  think about  the previous Hogwarts build and  for the next lego  segmentsof Fantastic Beasts

August is  Diagon Alley Builds,

September, back to   school

October the   HOGSMEADE BUILD/  and then. it is  time to  think about

December  hogwarts themes


at last. i was  comparing my old Hogarts – 7  year blog, for the hogwarts is at an end. and  re-doing it here on this stream/

and onto the new Ivermony ,  New York School  of  witchcraft and  wizardry.

so here we are.  back to it, i was  reminicing about the  2008 start,. and the  eventual 2009  beginings,, and then the last  year  –  2015 and  now its done, Hogwarts done .

now  we are onto :Fantastic Beasts and  Where to Find Them” .

so,  i will be  busy sorting lego to  separate the friends lego to match the  fantastic beasts brick build

, so stay tuned,  it is one  the  way , November, so i will be nouning the verbs in the  film, and  working out  , where the story is  going til  2023.

where will the  last hogwarts  Ilvermony , and  future  wizard builds take us  to in the  future, ,   lets go on this journey together

saving lives ,,

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