The spong – lego music herstory “ship is sinking series”

THE Former Radio Anouncer of  4zzz Feminist Radio Show

4zzzfm Megaherzzz “the  herstory”  series “Ship is Sinking”

the email i recall, was   mayday, mayday,  4zzz  “ship is  sinking”.

so, as  part of the  “get to  know  the  Spong   series :  where  do i  start,   but   with the  e-mails and the  news  feed that i  received  form  a former  university class- mate,…   here i was thinking, oh. i  just  had  2005, to  2006  free,. but the  price of Lego  was  way too high since 1998, so  i thought….  gee, its  the  end of my   7  year  drought of  Lego,  i  just   finished the  university  degree in Feminist  theory.  .   ah 1999. star wars , Phantom Menace.  i got  all the sets.   and by 2003 .  i just .   got into the  new  internet.  always online in 2003,  i   woke up   1000 days  later, and  realised i didn’t  buy  any lego .  for the next  3  years, i  will detail, the 1000 day  obsession, that  was  created, out of the need to  remove myself  from  society, i   create,  each  1000 days writing  … a daily story of my life when i separated from lego in 2005- to 2012, when i did the main work on the 4zzz megaherzzz  show .. so enjoy the ride…  it is  both  magical and  wondrous.

and  also,  the  university  sector links to  my  myspace were  kicking in,  excuse the   next   few  sentences, they actually  make  sence .   not the  spongs  words, naa, these  were  written  by a  desperate  person,   . “hello, mr  spong, we  need  you,

this is  your mission  ..should you  except it.  You will need to  loose all financial need to be  somone. You will need to  de-note  yourself.  You will  require the joy of loosing ownership of  you male  identity. Should  you seek adjustment, you must  nullify the fire that be your dwelling place: you will dwell therein for ever, seek  to  adjust to this  new realm. As we  recall, you were  expert in :nouning verbs, and interpreting and pinpointing the very  defect in peoples motivation.  Your expertise in computer  database, and your interpretive assumptions, will be most  beneficial to the objective of a final outcome. Should Management  find  you in charge of the  4zzz megaherzzz show , they  will assume that you are not the  genius  who  is  actually running the database. There will be  future  structural change in 4zzz, and  whatever happens, these   passwords / code . pins. / are to be  remembered and , changed,  with your own number  word  system .  We need you more than  ever.  You used to help us at university, Adam,. for we  need you … yes .. you adam,. get to  know , my  syntax, absorb my   identity, .  use my , weird  writing technique, for  you will use this, as  an extention of  your own mind, and,  between, me  and the   Mangaement  in here now,   they will attempt to  undermine the  very  existence of   4zzz Feminist Radio Show,  – Megaherzzz. ” the  ship is  sinking:  it is  time should you  prove  you  have removed yourself from  normal society,  you will be  perfect  for the position.  Enquire at  4zzz, and just  pretend  to be an  average   person,  yeah,.. that   will work well ..  perfect  job to  test your  theory of meaninglessnessness. You , Adam, are perfect  for the position. no person in their right mind  would assume  so much as to be  in possession of  the brain that is the Spong,  you shall be most excellent, and  triumphant.   party  on  dude. …..

What  would  you  do,   listener .  what   would  you  do, do  i  go  down the path of  lego nerd on myspace. . oh  no there is  an uprising  at the  4zzz  megaherzzz show, so in  i  go  ..  but  i got  lego to  do ..  i got  lego,  i wanted to  lego, you  bunch of pencil  to paper management  crappers  in the fix…  i will fix  your  mess you made. no    radio announcers to  keep constantly in touch with people,  4zzz megaherzzz announcers only on  for  6 months and  gone,   new one pops in,  6 months and  gone  again,  oh, well, time to   forget the  lego, but   the  lego, oh , i will get  some lego in 2007, i  will wait  and  see, and therefore, i went in with no plan, no  set  plan, i learnt people who  have no plans,  have no  set  agenda. so in  i go  no plan, but to do  the  task i know, meet people . organise.  agitate. and Educate. and . sometimes don;t  even.  realise  you are making   coherent  sense in the long  run…. no plan,… were i am going …. there are no  plans,   sort of the   understatement of a  professional lego  builder, to  go in with no plan..  ah ha  ha a  all will suffer .  the  Spong.   that is  were my  3  year  break   started, .  all  happened  due  to  helping  a feminist  radio  show, where i  had to  stop being  Adam, and ,  Feminist interpreter of   nounie  verbies,


i  got  lego, i  got   nerd things  to  do


i   got  lego to be   doing in 2005, i  will go in  and be  ready for  the lego . on sale

so  3  years later, i did   the  Feminist radio show,  used my money i  used to buy lego  with to save the  revenue of the  radio station. Fix the   Feminist  show, an then, the one  thing  that,   still survives is the  theme song of the   4zzz megaherzz show, and  here it is  the  ISIS – Masterbation song,  enjoy the politics of Police  State  of Queensland of  1980,  1990    still in  2012 we had the police  state  return.  so this  song  made perfect  sence. , and ,

here it is  the  masterbtion song (  Language  Warning)  contains  Dildos)

i  can  even Noun the  verbs  later.

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