April 1st Spong Ship is Sinking Series

Reminiscing  about The Day of  April 1, 2006,.

and thinking  about  how i got  myself into this  10  year  story about  the feminist  radio show, and  how it  influenced my  lego re-entry into  2012.

stay  tuned for more   April SPONG updates , Assignment is  about  time


time as  a  verb.

time as  a dildo

start the   ignition,

if   time were a   cake  dildo it  would  cream  all over  yo face.

i was thinking about time like a lego olympic   village of  1980  LA  Olympics, . i  failed,  i  forgot the  sex  workers. , oh i should say, my  first  proper big lego build  was in 1982,  with the  commonwaelth  games in my Home  town, advantage of  pimp  daddy  Qld  premier  king  dildo  sir   Joh  Bjekle  Petterson,    peanut  king  peanut  pimp daddy . Actully my   grade 3 teacher at the  time was  Mrs Patterson, and  we always  asked her if  she  was related, and it  is   where my  identification of  liberal  curruption  stated, my  grade 3  teacher  knew  all bout the   illegal liberal.  National, politcal  system in Qld at the  time. and   My  teacher  informed us  about the  sexual practices of   certain politicians. Grade 3 we all  knew  about  the  dildoes of  politics, actually, thinking   back to  my   first  discussion  about   grade 3  dildoes,  really  made me  realise, i  had  a  unique   teacher able to  say it  as it  was,  she liked  my  lego builds, as  i   gave  referenc to the  sex  workers, in the   athlete  village,  i got   good marks  for   truth and integrity in, a  scholarly  level.

the  time  dildo,  donged on, the bell of  1982,. i always  liked my lego to  be  exact to the social interactions of a real life  lego town. and the  1982   Commonwealth  games   village in lego..    it  was a  fun lego build.  i had  room for the   sex  workers,   and the  drug sniffing politicians, all  on the one  lego site , but  now we are in 2018  mode,  Commmonwealth Games of  2018  Gold  Coast.  town of   sewage anf  effluent afflence  and   drugged up  pimp  daddy politicians. we are  headed to  a sexed up 2018 commonwealth  games.   should  i  build the  sexed up   comonwealth  games  athlete village,  yeah i will do it  again, i have  time on my  hands,  with  time  as  king dildo of  australian  lego builds  be the on reference of  all references o f pimp daddy  liberal  spooge.

Right now  in australia  we  have the  commonwealth  games in my home town of  The  massive  dildo  town of the  Gold Coast  Australia,  head job  liberal town of  Australia, run by  a  pimp daddy republican    anti   unionist ,   king pin, white  shoe   brigade manager, and  organiser of the  meter maids of the gold coast. non unionist  workers are building the  commonwealth  dream ,  disaster  zone of  non – trade  unionist  workers, on   486 – 57  visas’s working 20 hour  days, so   remember to  put that in your  lego build,  you need  working lights  for the  24 hour, slave   labor, in australian, anti-  union,  workers,  running a  side  brothel  on the  side .   for  lego  reference  refer to  texan ranch owner  minifig,   1067.   from 1985,.  with  pimp   daddy   liberal swine, perfect for the  set of  an  angry  Birds  film.  the minister for  dildoes// he  be   after  the sexy  bird  eggs, except, in   olympic  and   commonwalth  games athletes village in lego  form .  the only  restrictions that  are legally  enforced in  Athelets  Villages ,1.  restrictions,  males  cannot   fraternise with  female  athletes.  Such  cases have been sent  to  court  where  a  male  athlete  was living with  his  wife , in  the  same  room, such topics a s  being too sexed to perform as an  athlete and on the  clock, on the   job,  are well termed , time  events in  history  .

time as a  dildo in both  australian politics and    Global  athletic  villages, as a lego   scene is  an intricated  design of  underground  drug  cartels,   syphoning off  drug  merchandise, and  pimping to the   altheltic  village,.  so  remember to  use it in your  lego builds.

looking  back on this  now, i   think it  was  wise to  stick a Labor man, the  right and  honorable Peter Beattie in charge of the  olmpic  village, could  you image in the  arse fuck that is the  liberal party   running th e olmpic  games like the  brothel that is the    australian  governement ,

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