spong sinking May 2015

this is  a  fun  journey into the  lego builds of  Adam Spong,  todays  topic, building a  lego  radio station…

but  as  usual, a  lego builder needs to  work in   the   environment to  know  what  each room  is  used for,.  refer to  radio room , re-modeled  radio star wars  control room .  for a  reference to  star wars sets of  1999 as i should rebuild these  sets, to  show the   journey we   shall call it  the  Radio  Station set .

, as a  reference i was a member of  the  radio station as  a  student of the  university of   Qld, and. as  such we  were   privie  to alot of , political  news. but   form the  time of  1996- 1998 i  did not     get  too much involved into the   radio  statio, as  i was  deep deep down into the  feminist  research, and the  staff were doing well,

the  staff at the  radio station  were doing well  until the   explosive  political erruption of  december 1998, so i    had to think of  that  event  as the  root   cause of  my  entry into  the building in 2003 to  find out   if the  new  crew  had  removed the   old  guard. i was  succssful in my  mission in 1998. and  2003,.  all i had to do  was  wait   for my  nerd  past to end, and  star wars to   finish in 2005  May . At the time from May 2005 –  til  December 2006., was a  turning point in  both  my  need to  enter  radio station politics, and my  desire to  remove myself  from society, such a good forensic  discussion,  the one thing that  puzzzels me  for the past  10 years, was the lack of  proper  management at  the  radio station. All Management  had to  do was  remove me. But they  did not.  and so therefore the  stronger the  feminist  show  became, no one   knew i was there, behind the  scenes,  til May of 2015,  so,  listen, as  the  Spong,  talks  about  his   2006   life.   see   why it  took so  long  for me  to  realise  i had peoples  lives  to save, and  get off my arse, and  save a  group of  people  who had  liberal, voting  Howard, et  el, Aboott and  Malcolm  Turnbull tories trying to  invade a historically  communist  radio station. Housed in a  lefto pinko , Communist  building, that  historically  was  a half  way house for sex  workers,.  that  historically  was about sexual  revolution and  end of   curruption ,  and in Queensland. that is  saying alot,. I  am  still puzzles  as to how, a  lego builder  even  got involved in this  excursion to   Liberal  SHIt town in the   first place,  we  have   liberals   flying off the  circulationg  effluent of  curruption,

now  for  someone  who is  a  lego builder  my  constant   need, or  requirement to  scope out  a  work  environment  with lego is  a stategic  example of  how a  professional  lego builder thinks    right  as we   speak,  the  senate room in canberra is  my  best one   yet, ,  Senate  room moc  build.  is the  system working,  well,  no,  are  we  getting independent   voters  rights to  speak  up against a dictatorship of  Australian, Politics,. well,  at the  time  of this  interview, 15  April 2016, we will see, it  shall be  a  lego ,   interest  groups  attempt  at   finding out   exactly  what the  dildo is  goign on in Tony Abbotts  pole dancing   erection town of  Weerriwa.  and , i am  still amazed, .   if  me  as   virgin asexual, can   kick that  dildo  door  down, and  this  shit hole of  liberal achery, air  hockey of  reverse vampire  sucking  dildo  batteries of  doom are  apon us,  well so  be it,   lets do this  interview, .  kick  down the anti – communist  menifesto of this  Malcolm Turnbull era  witch  hunt, that   dildo  vampire  suckign battery    dick, gunna  be  done by July  2016,  right in time for the  new  american  president  elect, and  wont’ Barrack  Obama,  just love to  see Australia with a  foreign trade  minster able  to  negotiate  a proper   deal, instead of this  current  dildo in charge of  Australia, with batteries on  stun ,. so  stay  tuned.   for the   greatest  interview in History .      full.  noun as  verbies.    April 15th at 8:30PM EST it is for Tea time with Zany Bricks ,

https://plus.google.com/+ZanyBricks/about , everyone follow the link,

as it will be a Hoot of a time a perfect time, as wednesday night is political comedy night. a night full of tea puns as well,… actually i have had requests from long time fans, int he LGBT community to answer in all – multiple personalities as well,.. if all 3 major Adam selves emerge, you would have achieved perfect interview techniques of the Doug. i might to a lottery pick out of the mad hatter hat to see which one answers each question you request to give me. … i have to check the 3 dominant ones. my 76- 79 persoanality was the first one to lego, then i had to hide the lego from 85 – 93. the post 1994 time was of vaste universitylego groups, just as it was in america, The LEgo university inter university championships, . it was a walking tour of the university sectors of the 7 major capital cities that made me realise, building styles were different even across Australia, This made me realise i was a free thinking person with my own lego style of 1x1brick. and the basic blocks from a start fo obsession with Inspector Gadget, my Early lego builds were either, Inspecor gadget or Maxwell 88, Secret detecctive, Spy lego, of the spong, but then, my survailence of the internet took over, typing to decifer what part of the internet community i belonged to, at the dawn of internet full time 24 hours a day 6 days a week Feminist studies of the SPONG/ from, 94- 1999, i would say i was aware of every facet of the internet world, except when i had to update computers, i relied on the library management and internal university til about 2008 – 2010, when i got home computer internet, , and that was when the youtube phenomena started, then the star wars period emerged ,. as i wrote in the AP stream, blog. 2005- 2010 was my true full time Feminist Radio show time. with the eventual removal of me from the position, uncontested until they worked out in house radio station politics, and now i realised that the only reason i was missing the links to new feminist movements was because i did not upgrade to google chrome in 2008 – so for those 5 years from 2008 – 2012, when lego friends, inprinted the need to return to lego. and so the week of March 22, 2016, i did that long awaited, google chrome update, and here i am, into the new age, mind you , i am 8 years late to join the digital connectivity, the one thing i did actually want to have the  sex  work ers on my  Facebook feed  during  pimp daddy  commonwealth  games time.  so  it  looks  liek my dream is a  reality. i  finally have an actual,  real time  sex  worker ,  view of  a   currupt   lego build at  work,  was have over 100 000 sex workers pop up on my friends list in Facebook. and the  2018   lego build of   commonwealth  games    athlete   village is  going to  be  a  hoot, of all my internet life, but, just this week, Facebook shows them all in my feed, it is so weird to see dildoes and politics in the one sentence,. i shall post this to the AP tream, as a sign out of May 2015,  the  story of  how,  adam, got  into the big  b  world of  lego ,  youtube   streaming

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