Spong Ship is Sinking

Again. last  monthly  blog,  i   think  i  have   written up my  life  story,  long  enough,  i had these  stored up , and   wanted to type them on here,

March 12  lego theme.  the  holidays  were here, . out  and  about  with the  Spong.

before  i leave again, and  re-enter the  feminist  restructuring,  i  think back to the  lego  developments.  of  lego as  used  for   the University social clubs,  UQ engineering  club,  but then there are  artistic  and  cultural issues in Student  Politics  as well .

When one thinks  about  1990  Student  Politics, one  forgets, the  fact, that it  was a  time of   a  massive  cultural swing.

Lego as  gender identity and  social  change.

what would a  student do in 1990, that  would have them  determined ot  make  a cultural issue out of lego, and  both the  sex industry, and the  student politics of  university life.

no,  for me,  meer . adam spong. the  spong of , the  eternal, Asexual.  dr  who star wars  proportions, who  would be the active participant in my  learning to  adjust to  understanding the world of  university.  Lego  … of  course is  always the  case  study.

when one  tries to make  lego  simulations. one  has to  remember all people in a  situation, . now, at the  time…. i  could have  pretended that  sexuality  would  never invade my  life . An  asexual has  no  opinion of  sexuality,…  until, their  sexuality is  threatened by  cultural change./  so  here i  was , building lego, and thinking.  wow,.  this  is  serious, here  we  are at  university.  yet   in an  artistic  sense.  there is no  real  nesseccity to  make it  a  real issue.


but, if  i  don;t  bring it into  a  buildable topic, then, it  would’not  imprint on my memory.

How  does one  build lego in  1990, and  still hink of  themselves as serious  lego builders.

why  am i  even  writing in my  style of  1990  blog topics in geo cities.

i was  to busy,  always typing the  same thing,.. Hello /   i am adam spong, i build lego,  i build  back to the  future sets, and i also  like to  build  Danger Mouse, and  Inspector Gadget   sets. , i ..  recall i  was   obsessed with  Maxwell Smart . Control  Agent  86.  what  kind of  identity did  i construct in 1990, that  would  help me  later in life, as  a  lego builder.  somewhere i forgot  who i  was in 1990, but thinking about the  failure of  student politics in 1990,  i  always think, if  i didn;t have  my  identity  questioned in 1990, i  would have  still been building lego, instead of  running a  feminist  radio show,

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