Aussie University Lego Clubs, the Ship is Sinking Series

WEEK 8 . 26   feb, time  back in 1992 , in the Hogwarts  time line Spong in the  city

after the saturday stream, it inspired me  to think  about  my  past   life at  university in  both the  feminisit sector, and the lego builders  sector,.

a  proper  lego builder  acknowledges  everyone in the community,

by  avoiding sex  workers in a  lego environment,  we  are  missing  70 % of the real  working   class population,.

i   thought  i would   test my  theory to  see , and it is   real 12  % of the  population is   hetrosexual, 30 %  agender  LGBT and online 30 % are  asexual

and  30 % Bisexual, and  we all  Lego don;t  we,

so  i  was  thinking  about the  amount of  mellenials  who  do  lego  videos now, and on twitch and  younow, it is  still about  3%  of the   videos YouNow  has  over 150,000 broadcasts daily  videos  a day . YouNow has  mainly  mellenials,  4 500  subscribers  who have  lego themes in their content, actually, i  only   watch about   45   lego YouNow videos    a day,. so  i  need to get to the   100 %  lego builders in  YouNOw,  for that  figure to  be  real, and  testable.

youtube is failing

youtube is  a  failure


YouNow is  the  genuine article


with a  more proportionate  audience, though, as  i  was  refering to the   University  lego  club of  the  1990s/  Student  Politics fell apart in 2004.  after the   Federal  political  debate about,  making universities  “public  assets  to be  sold” That is when it  fell apart in  2004, the  fact that the   Young  Liberals, thought  the money  for  Student  Union  representation  would  be  , should not  be  spent on a  Lego  Club or  nerds, and   best   spent  as  a  piss up, dick  meassuring  contest, of  young  liberal  blow  job  voting   shenenigans,

well we  all saw  what  happened to the  liberal  party  after  the Queensland  2007  election, right,  2013 and  2016, lego  rules,  .. over any    dildo sucking  liberal piss up, my small dick is bigger than my  cocain  smiffing  liberal  spooger  dick sucking vote for  me contest,. no   wonder i went into feminst radio, i was  ready to .  destroy  this  liberal dick contest.   fuck over my  lego  club at uni

revenge is  served by a  lego club, full  dildo clutch  power , 1991   memories of the  spong

Spong  time

Ship is  Sinking

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