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Week 9 March 5.   recap of the spong blog

Topic . student  Union  Market  day, : is a  day (  first  week of  April . each  year )  when  ,the   Cliques of   each  social  group at  university , seek to  get  members, Topic, : the  UQ  Lego  Club. . following my sojourn,    english  language.  crap, 1992, yeah, lets   do the  7  years, in a  3  year  cycle. .. ok, got it now. so, as  a  follow up to  both  1991,  and  2001,  and  now  2011, university, life, it  is  about  7  generations, that  were  involved in the  Lego  Club at the  university  of  Queensland.  I  decided to  use  Facebook to  find who was  still active in the  UQ Lego  Club.  Most are in  Nursing homes now.  I  still wonder .. Did  they  take  their  lego  to the  nursing home.  i  wonder…

this i s a  rather  interesting   question  .posed to a  1990   appreciation of the  politics of  Qld. do i  actively  go to  UQ, to  go to  university to  “find ” :  myself, ” but  at the  time  the biggest  headline  was the 1989  debate about a  Lego Club, which  was  defending  itself as a  place of  social excersize in  Student  Politics. .. at the  time, the   debate was about, what is a university  students  life  about, are   engineering  students, who  lego, is  that  proper  conduct ,  is it  a  test of  a  student  to drink in excess and  use university  funds to promote  a debaucherous  life of  a  Young  Liberals. This is  one  topic i  had to  comprehend in time,  before i even thought  about  how i function in  unversity life,. Which would  you  defend,  . 1.   would  you  defend the  lego  club. with associations to the   sex  work industry, health  care, and  mental health  connections, of   Qld proportions, , . or  would you  2,.   seek to infitrate the   pimp  daddy   corrupt Young  Liberal National party  branch stacking  dildoes with  links  to  organised  crime.  trying to destroy the crediblity of the  Lego  Club in  University of  Qld,  student  Union.  well,  time to  turn the   tables.  we  didnt have to  put up  with  National Party  kiddies  getting pissed drunk and getting votes for  blow jobs, What  kind of   University  did  i end up in. While all us lego  people wanted to do, was build lego, we had blow  job  competitions  going  on in the young liberal  party, National  Party   student  representaions of  Qld uni .  University of  Queensland.

university   for  me  was a  permanent  stay, even though i  technically  never  passed  ,. or  graduated, because the  liberal party  always  removed the  university  course i was  in, before  i  could  even  graduate.  here i  was  a student  at  UQ, no   connectiosn  to  anyone, except  Lego.  And , here i was, studying at unversity, my only daily  activity  was  to  be online  6 hours  a day, and  also  work on  university  ground  keeping  crew, for  about 6  hours of the rest of the day.

, it  seems that  any  attempt  at both  workign for  UQ for  free, and  work  for the  student  union, and  both be  a  separate  person, and   find  myself as  a person,  were at  odds  with   the   slight  mental issues which  never  eventualtes,  until, a  complex  issue  happened in  2002,  while, trying to  do a  ten  year,  definition of my life at  UQ, i  was  subject to the  fac, i was   mentally still acting as though  =i was a  high  school student in a  world where i  had to be  adult  about issues. yet is  i showed my try idenitity, it  would  have  highlighted the  fact, that i snuck into  sexuality  classes,  because i was  trying to  identify what my  gender  exaclty  was,  What  gender was i in, this  Barbie girl world,   this  Lego  World of  no  gender, generless plastic   world, . i  realised this is  or  may be a complete   feminist topical  discussion,  but  just  as  online  chats  started in 1994, my  new  entry into this  topic,  left me  wondering, what  exactly  do  i post online as a  person, who  wants   to be  a person.  a  person, who  want  to  lego all day, and  study about  gender, . so, in this  respect,it is about the  ,  political  corruption at  university  level/ Student  politics is  always about  as tudent  group thinking it is  supperior to another,  the  Young  Liberals poked the finger at the Lego  Club . , and  they   would  always  pinpoint the  person, ( namely  me)  of the lego   university   club. Young  Liberals always  looking for  an   excuse to  remove the  Lego  club  from the  daily  activities of the  Student  union, as  if they  didny  have  enoughie  blow  jobs, to   get through the  day, i  sucked their   blow job resource  dry, as  the  young  liberals  at his  pimp  daddys  brothel were about to  find  out   what the  reality  was ..

and  their   ultimate  decifientcy of   all  liberal,  iffeciency   was their attempt, or  try tried trying attitude  to  outsource the very person who  was  destroying the    crediblity  of the  young  liberals  at the  university   sector, so  if  i  did  have  an   agenda, in  1992, 1996.  1998.  2001  0r  my  3   year  change in  university  courses , well, my   transition  form   my  feminist studies, in the  event  of   a  liberal  tack over  proved, i know how to  move  around, without  being noticed .

i would say,  my  lego  beginings, are actually  like the studies into feminism.    actually  running the  very  feminist  radio show, which  was the   thorn in the  side of the  young  liberals, serves  to  show, never  under  estimate  a  lego builder, who studies,  how  a  real  work a  day  world  works Liberals would  not  even know how to  get their  fair suck of the sav , anyway,  Lego builders  rule. .

Qld  run by   the post  world war  pimp daddy  brothel of  liberal  swine, is  down to its  end, when all  is  said  and  done, the  attitudes of  Student  politics is  always  clouded in  rhetoric. but in reality, the  exclusion of  lego as  a serious  Student social commodity is the one thing that  led  students to, not really  appreciate its  strong  political issues.

and  who is  left to  defend the  free thinkers, and lego  builders, .. THE  SPONG >

as  a  section of the  internet is still  active, the only  references to  1990  lego  club and the  sex  work industry    are  highlighted in a  news  articles in 2009, 2012,  and  2013.   support  for sex work, and  its  association  to  lego  is an  artistic  endevour, of  most  feminsts, who  try to   make  a  scale  or   comparison, to the  reality of the  issue. i did  not  start this  topic, no,  the  topic  was  started in 1970’s, and it  has  been a  lego topic  for   so many  years, it is  difficult to  find the  exact.  pinpointable  time line to  define  the  exact   issue that  both  helps   sex  workers, and lego  builder,s in both making art to  define  sex  work . and also  make  a  message to the  rest of the  world

231 days  til the  Fantastic Beasts and where to find them  :Spong : ship is sinking  series  231 days of  squee

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