April University student union election, ship is sinking series

oh  happy  days. March 26,. flash backs again, i just  went to see if the  lego  group is  still in UQ  union,  but  all i see is    Netflix ads…bck  on time now   for  April .

well, would  you  have  ever  seen the  day that  Netflix is  a paid adverising as University revenue.

time for  a memory relapse of 2005 awaiting the  new  star wars movie out on  DVD

i  just  hope i get to watch  the  Force Awakens  7  times  before  Zany’s  Interview, before i  can get  back to  watching  star wars all month, and all  times,

adam spong,  exit  internet,  cos  of  star wars again.  lol,. the  quicker, i   find the motivation,… that  drew me  from the obsession with star wars, … and  removed my identity, the  easier it  will be  to  show  how  i  evn  did  the  2006 – 2012  time line, without  any lego  in my  life.  i  still wonder  how  i did  it.WIN_20160404_213805

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