ship is sinking time of deparure 15 days

WIN_20160116_102018well, April is  here now,   it  comes a  time in ones  retirement to  see their  7  years of  hogwarts,  time at an  end,  departure time

the events of  1996 – 2002,  were vastely  different, in a   commodifcation of  hogwarts lego builds, as  at  2002, i  was   only interested in the  gar bar in  hogwarts, and i was  ready to  leave  society,  because  all i had  was  star wars in 2005, to  wait for,

so, here we are,  2003- 2009 , recreated, the  disappearence of the  SPONG

forever lost in time , with  a  star wars to   keep me   busy,  playing  with  star wars minifigures, going,    ,      “rawr,  rawr   rawr”, all day ,

so,     family  time  with the spong


make  sure   you    say  good bye to the  Spong in  Zany’s interview

the  last of the  SPONG.

no   evidence of the  spong in 2003- 2009, as  i  totally  disapeared,

can the Spong  do it again,  no actual,  evidence of the  spong in exsistence,

where  will this   brain farted old man  …go ,

what  will the  crazie  Spong  do  next in his  retirement ,

witness a  7  year  long  lego build, waiting   for the hogwarts,  (  fantastic   beasts to  conclude in  2021.)  or  2023, if it  goes on that  long,  with  hogwarts lego,  singificantly   still on the   shop shelves, 5  years after the  actual  franchise  ended .

depart time, in 10 days .. ADIOS

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