Last Requests Ship is Sinking Spong Out

ship is  sinking . SPONG  OUT April  week, 1

in my return to the  feminist  sector, i  must  remove The Spong from existence again

nullify  my   existence,

i will do it  live on  Zany’s show, no  ID. victory,

no access to a modern  life, i will choose to  leave the lego  world

or  do a  one month  report on my disapearence   cos  peoples  got  a  hard on for  my activities


and get back online, on    1 January  2018, when the  spong s  restructured   the world  feminist network.

i  disappear , in times of  need, saving  sex  workers one person at  a  time

, bye

we got  the  world   focused on  the  connomwealth  games.  keep building  realities

baby blue sex  dungeon of  all .  liberal  sppooge  fest  on the gold  coast  australia

lets wait  and  see,  keep buildin.. those  games   lego  dreams

the  mexican  stand off.    september  2018 ,  VLAD  laws and  liberal  perty  cocain sniffing junkies,  all on the   gold  coast  with the  white   shoe  brigade .

at  times  like this  i  reminice  about the   file on me   at  UQ, apparently, i  have 12  wives, and  24  kids to  my  12  wives. .. ah, it is  humourous, my house  mates were  really ,  classic   story  tellers, .  and the  university  believed them . the  stories of me  at  UQ,.  and  i  have  unpaid   maintenence  to my  12 wives, and  the   24   kids, and  i  was    in 3  marriaes at once  with the  12  wives, oh, lol,  no    wonder, their  could be  a book written about me, and  my 12   wives.

butt . mind, you.  the  stories are  actually a side line to the   two  complicated   divided relms in my  life.  the  serious  side started by  my feminst  training, my  first  teacher   was 50, so in some  ways,  being  18 and  taught  be a  real  person who  suffered under the nammbee  pambee  Police  state of 1960’s   Queensland,  yeah,  it  makes   alot of   sence to  keep the  liberal  fuck all of  unwashed  dick fucks in the history books.  my  first  task in   geocities , where i  failed,  was  to  maintain a database. but  i   never  stuck  to it properly. it was only till i  left my home as  a non   computer person,  look at me  , i  am out inpublic  aay from my  conputer and  lego in 2002,  it  took a  while to   find  sex  workers  to  talk to  and meet and  chat about  social   interactions, inan adult  way.  could  you  imagine  doign this  today,   hello  i am  adam spong, i  was  supposed to  finish off this  assignamnt  at  university in  1997, but  i failed,  so  now it is  2002,  and   i need to  find  80 000  sex  workers  to  make my  feminist research ,  real, and in a constructive phase , though  addign too many people to  facebook,  had its   downfall in 2007,  when  Facebook  restricted me  to  5000  follows a page, so, then   adam spong of  2008  emerged,  then that  wasnpt   enought, the   Spong in the  city  page has  all of the  sex  workers on it. and  well  Facebook  chnaged and  now  they are in a  special file.  man,  this   sex  work. feminist secotr,  incorporation of, facebook. and   youtube  and   social  sites, really,  makes it difficult to  mnage it  all, until in March 20,  when i was thinkign, ah, i  still have that notice in my  google  about  addng  google  Chrome. forever,  waitign til the  bugs  got out of  google  chrome.  i  defected and  gave in, and   even google  chrome  effected my  list of sex   workers, so  now  i  have  them all available on  my  facebook site, ..  and  now, this  is    a  constructive asexual  lego builder, with my   feminist   list of  sex  workers,  how , will this  work out, i am  and  still is  and  still  was  too much into the  lego,  until that  glorious  day in 2004,  when i finally  removed the  lego out of my life, and  went into the  feminism  full time.  yeah, bye bye  lego, time  for  some  serious ,.  discussions of  life. .

all  as the  shit  stain on  Queensland  history that is  was .     grand pappy    pimp  daddy   premiers of   Qld would never  have   foresaw  the  events of post  2006 era, when the  very  people who helped run the  feminist  radio show, gained  power in Qld parliament. and   all who opposed us, rotted in jail,  those  cocian dick fucks  never  saw it   coming,  shitting in their  pants  now  they were .are.

well, in the  events, of my   dissapearence, to train a  new  feminist  part of the  flock  i  again leave the  internet.   the call was  put  apon me in 1995, and 2002. 2009.  to  go  under the   disguise of the person  i ficticiously   create.  yeah.  its  all a  facade.  one  side is  bumblbing  arse  fuck adam spong, the  other  side,  serious  feminist  discussions of life. and the  meaninglessness of  meaninglessnesnnes,,  in its      Spongness. , naa, i  do think to  break the   seriousness of   feminist discussions,  i  will be  back  to,  the   lego   AP stream, at  least  once  a month .   it  gets   way to  serious, i  need  a  slight   comical   entry in life.  its  what  the  APStream is  about  really,   got  the  unwashed dick fucks in parliament and the APStream  is  a side  line to  my  life  right now,

the  spong   will be  back  dependent on  how  my   new  student  works out.

it  was  amazing how,  the  feminist  discussions of  lego   combined  with  the  2012  discussions of   Friends  lego.   i still wonder if the  events of  post  2015, when i  had to  combine both my   adventures  together,   and decide   how to balance them  both.  yeah, well some times  i disappear from the  lego  group and  focus on the  feminist discussions.

t 1974adam

here is the   adam spogn  baby  photo, i realised  that  i should   talk about my 1973  lego,  having  a topic  to   talk about, is  easy, basi c lego i s back in  Classi c boxes, and, it  always  brings  me  back to  my  1970’s lego   days. it is  a bit  like  trying to  decide, to   talk to  my  feminist colleagues or do th e AP stream  … which one, … which one.    but  other times. i  like to  combine the  two ,. stay  tuned

spong be  with you,  not   far


Spong is not  far

Patience .  for to  train as  a  jedi..

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