party on 8 december 2016. is 10 000 days of internet

10 000 days of internet on 8 december 2016, … are you going to have a party, squee,

I was thinkign about this  in April, as it   is  usually the   time that  holidays  were at university, and i  stuck  with it  til the  end

i shall calculate my usage, as 9000 days , yeah the other 1000 days i was on university holidays,.  plus  walking  around  Australia. in 1989,  and 1992, and 1994, 1995, 1996 , 1997, 1998 . slightly permanent at  333 days in 1999- 2004.

i  have been online permanently, (  with a  few  telstra – aussie internet  days off for  regional phone dial up delays , since 2005.

ah, the memories, .. ,, star wars  era /

myspace daily  blogs, .

keeping up  with the feminist  network.

1990’s as 48   uni weeks of 6  hour internet  days a week. ..  if  all the  times the uni  was  shut, was  queens  weekend,   xmas and  easter,

2000′ s  average  at 340  days

and  2010 – 2016   at  average  360 days online,

6900 plus. 2100 days,  yeah  9000 sounds  about  right, divide  by 27  years of internet.

of the  most   successful interlent  lego builder in the  asia  pacific  region  goes to .Mr. Jimmy Paton , most  popular non lego franchise funded lego  builder from New  Zealand.  with his   lego collection at  $60 000  spent onlego in a  year ..  NZ ,  most  popular  internet  phenomena  in   Asia  Pacific  history  since 2009, when the  internet  lego  went online and lego moc builders  were the  trend in myspace 2006.

April 16th & 17th the display will be open to the public at The Ascot Park Hotel

April  16  to  17,     , i  will link to the  AP  Stream

Canberra’s  MrMatthew Dadswell at  $30 000  a  year in lego ,. aussie lego is slightly  half the price  of  NZ  lego, but it  might  be  the  same.

daily AP stream , spong : the ship is sinking series about Fantastic Beats,. 225  days  to go

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