Adam Offline Dolly Tea Party Barbie Sip is Sipping


dolly  tae tea

watch me  whip  now  what me  nae  nea party  time

watch me DAB chocolate  cake and ice cream  cake

and princess barbie   dolly  tea party,

Spong out

its  a  partteeaaaa


guess, what, i  added google chrome, and i had been on netscape explorer for the past 20 years of unversity library computer rooms , being in UQ  University of  Queensland  computer labs  for  half  my life, i  never really  got ihome internet online til 2012, in the  home   computer, when i  stated  doing  youtube  videos  full time ..

 all the things that should have appeared in my windows,  i   just  relied on the  library     computer  tech  nerds to do, , are now clickable in google chrome, i ever got the click about outside drop box until last week , i  found out  what a  drop  box is  all about, after  all this  time i feel like i finally am on the internet after 25 years of internet in australia after relying on inter- library tech nerds to do all the adding of the internet things, yeah i  am  finally  net internet  savie .

daily AP stream , spong : the ship is sinking series about Fantastic Beats,. 223  days  to go

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