Summer Wave Jakku sets star wars: the ship is sinking


WIN_20150922_190002excellent, another  Rey in the Jakku  workshop.  food rationing station . credits . released on June  1, 2016.  too late  for  a  mAy he  4th  day,

do  we  get a may the   4th Lego  star wars sale in australia , no …

Rupert  Murdock    craps his  pants that day ,

i am  guessing the  name LEGO 75148 “Star Wars TM Confidential_Retail 5” is just  a  sale  marketing    leak,  so  stay  tuned,  kiddies, Unkar Plutt, a junkboss of Jakku

tomorrows  episode, is  about,   the leaked images, of   Lego  star wars.  more $30 Jakku sets . with a  stand  alone   BB8 in the  set as well,  excellent, so everyone  can do the full Jakku . Rey meets  BB8  Scene now  with a Dugg, or a Teedo

daily AP stream , spong : the ship is sinking series about Fantastic Beats,. 222  days  to go

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