reliving my sisters tv show GLS

Olivia  my sister, the community  tv  star 2006 .  fashion  model,. and mega  internet star , what  was the pornmagazine my sister was in,  i  forgot,  was it busty babes,  naa, i totally  forgot. the name  Anouscha was the famous one,  everyone will be  searching in their porn stash now, for my sister in 2006 porn mags.

the  show  was   filmed in the  same  basement  where i did my lego videos   , so it  has  alot of  memories.  the lego building  house was sold  last year. /  no more  filming there, historic  times of the  Bachelor pad , Spong lego porn house.


and no  spong    youtube  connections cannot  go  by  without  seeing the social Blade statistics.   350 000 views over 10  years.  3 475  days.   so it  is  about  100  views a day still

was always  100  views a day  , most  videos are at  75 000 views .

Spong  Ship is  sinking

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