the world of asexual memes


ASEXY as asexual logic. reversed.  and  knight  moves . one  step back shift in reality

Week 24,  so it  gives me  time to   return in  JULY  2016,  Holiday time.

when the  kids are out of the house

so,  this  will be  a  little  insight into  asexaul logic

Warning  non sexual content .. you  have been warned

Tumblr POSTs of the  Spong

  1. BDSM

    being dead sounds magnificent

    ha ha .   an asexual  laughs,

    an asexual  laughs  so  much its  humourous

    one  asexual poster  wrote this most  excellent of   quotes

    : i welcome death lick a long  ass wait friend:

    asexuals  laugh at  death for  death is the  next level Jedi

    3rd hogwortsaa adams mind11 hogworts calendersaa spong.jpgstrax 2spong pole dancingspongin the  citykermit

    asexy dream.jpg

    sponge in the  city


    asexual fly


    spong in the  city 3


    squad goals

    g ot  asexual porn

    g o t   prn

    spong pool party

    asexy  secrets


    noun the  verbs

    asexual speak

    the spongman  riseth

    spong man

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