Spong presents adventure time lego for june 2016

after realising how  Word press works,… after  being  used to  click and    send,now, its,  send, edit,  re-edit and,  edit. … UPDATE.  click send, away ..

i made a  list of  all the  web sites i  will be  using for the  next  7  years, here https://adamsponglego.wordpress.com/about/

all the  adam spong lego art sites are    keyed up to  2023, and i am  re-entering  my past  7  years,  the  1997 2002 journey is not  clickable anymore as  google ate up all  geocities  sites, and so , the  adam spong  history of  2003 – 2009   was added into the   Myspace  days, and , then, i  transfered all the  Myspace  days into ,  2009  Deviantart account, where i polled for  a name in Myspace . my  fans  decided i should  use the  name ” tight  cupcakes:.  .  people  decided on Tight Cup  Cakes  as my name,  i   had  to  decide on that, as it  was a polled  question – -and  going to , re-do all the hogwarts, themes of   2009 adam spong  for  2016 – 2017 . selfies and  exploration, and  adventures . in ADVENURE TIME  LEGO   for  2016 . i will be  discussing  all 250  episodes of adventure tiem and how  to noun the  verbs .

it will be a weekly  report  from the  Spong June to  July 2, 2016,  update, unil i get back into the  hogwarts, and the  Dreamworld  reports in November . so  where do  we  start. /

do we  go into election mode, one months  time.. and  ADVENTURE TIME


i have the – links, here, s i make  lego  adventure  time  storylines.  but   first. a history of  Australia  in the  election time,  so it  will all be  worked out  by the time  i  get to  make the   adventure  time lego as the  creator of  adventure time’. Pendleteon Ward’s Birthday on July 8, 2016,. he will be 34  years old. ,  time line . speeking of    time lines . the  eletion is on july  2,  so it  works out  well .

History of  australia.     timeAustralia was bought by the Indian Dutch sea company in 1600 as part of the Asia Pacific region purchase, to do Whaling and fish and tea and coffee franchises. and mention of Australia as owned by Australians, it is laughable by issue from the Bank of Japan that owns the rights to the company that is registered in the tax office in Chicago ,. Illinois. America, as company name Australia Incorporated, signed by A Malcolm Frazer 11 November 1975,. and what exactly happened that day, eh..

grey lego for  Independant  vote,

i have  yellow  for PUP (  Palmer  United  Party )

Green lego for greens

red lego Labor

and Blue for  Liberal

we will see who  we  get in parliment

to bring us  cheep  lego

will the liberals and the  biscuit and bread , milk,the  dildo mafia  still control  the   30% GST on lego

or  will Labor  get in and  give us  the  required 10 % GST on lego ,

we  will see, Rupert Murdock  decides, . 2 July, 2016, on  what  price  the  price of  Australian Freedom,

due  to  special forces,  internation intelligence, the  Australian Border force are out   patrolling the  oceans, all ships and all transport to  and from australia in  electionmode is  blockaded,   your  lego packeages  willget to  you either inJuly, after the  election, or  some time after that,  this  is  a   community  announcement,  Malcolm turnbull will invade  australia on July  3 if  he  wins so,  we  will see,

who  will win,

will Tony  Abbott  sack  Malcolm turnbull.

brick. youtuber Ethics.
We are a lego collective of lego people as part of the AP Stream we give  away  free lego .
i pride myself with the ability to be part of a group who  share in the  lego history, of all things lego.   as i have had a lego upbringing, different from many, who grew up with 1970’s lego. i was fine to be involved in the historic University of Qld lego University builders group, .. and also later in feminist studies at the same university.
The inclusion of toys and the are of adults who still collect toys was a topic that which lead to me going into a feminist radio network in the first place.
Following the political and social issues of the Lego and adults, collecting toys, as a change to social issues over the whole life time of consumerism in Australia , the  idea of   giving away  free lego is  so  exciting.
With Lego being the most obvious of all toys to represent the political issues in the Australian . Asia Pacific Region . As such an issue of Adults who play with toys, and mental Health issues of lego collectors  as adults. ,
The  Mental Issues associated  with a  lego  collector is one of those  weird topics of  lego that is  unspoken ,
i first retired from lego in 1996 as a step to going into feminism. Also with the politics at the time placing a financial strain on Pensioners, in the year 2000, the Liberal biscuit, and cigarette marfia put more tax on lego after the year 2000, with an Australian GST. the benifits where that in 2007 lego went on a huge sale price of 50% sales, even 70% , which in todays standards we would never see, since 2012 .. so here we are, Lego Friends got me back to lego 2012, even though i am not able to financially decide which lego the family buy .
My family decide the lego purchases for my family, Just in the same way ,what ever would happen in politics happens in lego. One can;t talk about business and politics without speaking in terms of lego. But i still wonder, if Lego a family endevour .. these are the topics i like to discuss, do families still sit together and play lego, or is it something different are people locking up their untouced, unplayed lego in the lock and key system instead of their .. whatsits . follow the adam spong discussion, on the lego and politics of 2016, leading into the new Hogwarts ( Fantastic Beasts of 2017)
overwatch___mccree_spong time


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