Star Wars Advent Calender Comment

If you’re not a Star Wars fan (seriously what’s wrong with you?) move along, move along, there is nothing to see here….

Now that we have seperated the herd we can talk about the absolutely awesome LEGO advent calendar. This pack from a long time ago in a galaxy far away is just one of three holiday-hyping sets that are just waiting to get you pumped every morning this December.

Joining the Star Wars effort is the LEGO Friends advent calendar and the LEGO City option that sees LEGO santa make another apperarance, sure to grace even more bricklink sellers collection of Santa figs.


Why all the fuss over this set in particular? Well for the most part in this authors opinion, you can get access to some very unique figs. A white wookie anyone? Maybe a silver C3PO. Oh and lets not forget that there are no stud shooters! That’s right you get the actual Blasters again!

Now, how long until December 1st?

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