New 2017 Lego Modular 10255 Name Leaked

The new Lego Creator modular building name has been leaked, or so it seems. After months of speculation and rumours of a Modular Hospital, Modular Train Station, Modular High School or a Modular Museum, Lego have finally slipped the set number and name.

2017 lego modular building

With no official or unofficial photos released, information has been leaked that Lego set number 10255, the Assembly Square is to be the next modular building. The set is rumoured to retail for roughly $300 USD (expect to pay $500 AUD).  The set is to emulate a shopping mall / marketplace. Rumours suggest there will be a possible Lego store in the build.

The Assembly Square, is to be modelled off the Boston Markets Assembly Square.


There are a few issues with this rumour. One is that it will be yet another Corner building set that Lego wil be releasing.  Another reason is that the set will be the first modular release moving away from the 1930s style architecture / builds.

Stay tuned for more information as it is released.






One Comment Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    All tumors though, nothing confirmed. I also heard a rumor it will be free and consist of one large preformed piece. I could be equally correct until any actual info comes out.


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