I’m Rick James Bricks New Store Opening

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Here in Australia there are not many places you can find a store that sells Lego with people inside that are fans of Lego, let alone a store that is committed to only selling that brick goodness we all love and crave. Enter I’m Rick James Bricks, one of the few stores in Australia who focuses their business model on selling Lego.

I first met Rick from I’m Rick James Bricks at the Canberra Brick Expo. Immediately from meeting him and chatting with him you could tell he was not just another seller trying to only move product, this man genuinely is a fan and loves Lego. Not only does he love Lego but he is also a Citizen Brick and Brick Arms reseller, which is right up this authors alley!

Why is this all so important? Well, from this NSW authors perspective, it is a nice refreshing change to deal with someone who understands, the love, the joy and most importantly the building process of an AFOL builder.

Rick’s website www.imrickjamesbricks.com.au has everyday low pricing on sets. Not the inflated pricing that I have witnessed at the big stores and other independents. I have never had the joy or experience of walking through a Lego focused store, but I can definitely guarantee that on my next trip down to Melbourne I will be dropping past to see and experience the I’m Rick James Bricks store.

On the 22nd of October this month, I’m Rick James Bricks is opening a new store at 49 John St, Pakenham. The store is promising to be larger, with more of that Lego goodness to be displayed.

Store Details:

49 John St, Pakenham VIC
03 5940 2519

Trading Hours

Monday – Friday :10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday:11am – 4pm

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