Hurry Up and Wait! Lego Batman Movie

Once again the heads of Village Roadshow have made the same mistake they made when the Lego Movie was announced. The New Lego Batman movie is set to be released in Australian cinemas 48 days after US cinema release.


When the original Lego Movie was released, Australian were forced to wait an extra 54 days before being able to catch it at the cinemas. A mistake that led to a high surge of piracy. Co- CEO of Village Roadshow Graham Burke at the time said it was a mistake that would definitely not be repeated again. Fast forward two years and history is again repeating itself.

Of course the real reasons for such an insane decision, which led Village Roadshow to lose over $5 million AUD in revenue  due to piracy, is to maximise traffic at the cinemas during Easter school holidays and gain extra ticket sales.

It seems history is repeating itself again…

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