an interesting turn of events in selling lego online

after, the  past   12  ww=eeks of  discussions on the  AP steams,

it  appears, that,  certain events are  happenign in online sale of lego

and its  condusing  for  Adults,

20 years ago to find lego online was an imposiibilty, or we  wll call it  1996)

10 years ago to search for lego online,  2006 ,  i had to work out which is a porn site,

and which i s actual lego seller, 5 years later 2011 , internet protection was  fixed and  coonected to porn sites in asutralia,

it happened again, full of porn connections, , but, as i am only a  callogue  viewer, i  do not  know  the  full stories,

why do  autralians,  not  buy lego

why is  it  easier to  just  go to  Kmart,  get  20% off,

now that Big W have a lego toy sale,


Target, .. they realise, that adults who buy lego are a new fetish,

lol, that sounds funny, ,

we hang out online and talk about lego for 8 hours,

just like an ordinary fetish group …  i even see  similarities in the  fetish groups ,

i looked at the topics and words we used, Adults who talk about lego,,, use the same words as porn sites, ,,  even worse,  ,, adults who buy lego are lonely and are easily using language about objectifying lego as an object, ,,   it is weird and it is complicated,  .,,

oh and also Lego cannot be sold on an australian e-bay as lego and toys are connected to accidental click to sex toy sites as well , it is ammusing, many parent s are onlien and do the accidental click, who but lego are amazed, just one click away from children buyign lego to buyign a 12 foot didlo by not knowing the right site to click on,

so, as a person aho  is not onlien buyer,  i  find these  onlien stories  amazign,

and interesting,

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