The AP Stream or the Asia Pacific Live Stream is a weekly live stream hosted on Google hangouts. The stream covers all things lego in the topic of conversation in the viewpoint from AFOL fans in the Asia Pacific region.

The streams main aim is to raise more awareness online about the difficulty and significant costs and delays a fan of Lego faces living in the Asia Pacific (this can also be classed as whinging)

The stream is hosted by regular hosts, Ozzie bricks, Downunder Bricks, Adam Spong and Go4Bob. The stream is also routinely visited by Mini Bricks, Port City Bricks, Zany Bricks, TF Bricks, NoMoreBricks and RU Bricks.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Lego Wild says:

    That’s awesome!! First the AP stream started out on YouTube, now it has it’s own website!! 😀


  2. Chads Brick Hobby says:

    Great Stream! Great People! Great Times!


  3. OURTOYWORLD says:

    I love the AP Stream!


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