Adam Spong aka The Spong

Hello .
I am Adam Spong  professional retired Asperger.
dr who, creative lego builder, , weird. alien    gibber   jabber of.  words, and  nouns as  verbs,    . nouns  as  verbies. professional nerd  starwars asexual, bisexual, pansexual with  poly amorous learnings.
AdAms  SPoNg .. the Spong . (  spoken more like as.. SPN)  silent  slient  o and  G.
who  left society in 1998 and    became a  wonderer. . I  lost the ability to perform as a person by the  very   goverenment that is in charge  right now,
where was I  to go
but into  radio.
I put on my Asperger  super human  suit,  alien ,   super hero , not  of  this  planet
an off I  flew
whoosh. performing the obsessive rituals can cause great calming. A person’s level of super hero can be anywhere from clicking peoples likes. to going out there, and lifting cars up over peoples heads, and going,”” here, . is the problem ..see. ”
the  silent people  who  have  no   voice .

I   was  out there at the  coal face

, and that makes me   even  more powerful a person to identify the  early   dis-connection in peoples lives,. early  word  use. and  detection,  for.  in my  training..  (  if  you could call an  untrainable trait  of  Asperger  ‘nouns  as verbs” interpretation, as  a form of  training. I tend to call my  work,: noun as verbies. my arts  teachers, used that,  self,  us,  and   other  theory   ,    children, make. like. love, and have  evolved to use  verbs in  every  day  communication.  the language  is  lost  when they  come  up against  the pressures of  society. .. to  make the  LGBT  language   more  prevalent, and  is    easily    detected. ( and  how  do  we  teach that) i  have  evolved.  revolved, involved  myself, and  removed, excluded. myself from society. to  understand  why people feel  disconnected.

and no wonder I  myself  was  disconnected, as the  teachers   trying to teach me  how  to teach, were saying that the  education  department  should not  be   teaching this  anymore, that there is this new  age  buffoonery    system, that  all new  teachers  have to  learn. /  ah well,  that/   was  my rant  back  then, and  what  are the teachers   teaching now, the old  method.  yeah, it took a   while ..  nerds. . rule..

In  the past 21  years, I  do  a   7  year   cycle to   reconnect  with the nouns as verbs that children use  to  define  themselves in a  narrative  structure, how  they  disconnect  themselves  from their  own lives. , as  people  know, there  was that    English – centric  BBC  tv  show, ” 7  up”,  following  kids   each  7  years, as it is  a  definer,  each  7 years,  everyone  evolved or  stayed the  same  or eroded. , the last  show  was  of  children   from  1970’s  who     turned   42 ( 2005) in the  age of  youtube internet, it   was  more  popular . , and the  current one is  when they   turn  49 .( 2012) on  youtube  .…  .   soon . the  next one  will be  56 years old in 2019  .. but  as they  are  british, they are  ready  to  be  put out  to  pasture , many  did not  return, and  found their  lives made  more  accessible  with the  internet, . never  expecting to be , a  role model for  society in    this  present  internet   age .  . just like the  classic   longitudal  study,  everyone  wants to  do that, and  I did it. regardless, I am asperger, and I  did it )

My  lecturers  depended on Freud  and  Jung and  Lacanian  Phenomenology , which  pretty much is  thrown out  at  university, so,  no  actual, teacher  knows how  to teach a  topic , unless they  go to  TAFE (  tertiary  pre-vocation, and  then they  go to  do a Bachelors degree in  Teaching and then, told, oh, “you don’t  need that”;  we   teach  new age  buffoonery.  now. >
how does one  teach,   this  approach, .  the noun as  verbs.
that there is no theory to  explain .   that is where it is unteachable,  as it is  a theory  from 1930, about the  same  disconnections, that  were  happenin gin the use of the  terms of , robot  people,  computer  age people,  info  tech,  iPhone  crazie  connectivity   . ,  technical  tecqniques of  causal. isolation . would  eventually  get  a teacher / student  to  talk about their   very own  causal,  placement in  society. to identify  that they  lost  connection, in the  same  way  that the  students, did, 30 years  before them,  after them.

as well, with  years where the internet  really  expanded and   gained  comparative,  cohesion .  were in the  years. / , 1996.  2000, and  2006,  with increased. computerised   isolation, university work and  access defined people  differently, as   the  “library – computer tech system of,  association was removied  and  we  became  isolated in our  homes. ”   i I helped a few  people, yes, it is  inter  – generational, to  find it. and ,  as  i was in my  retirement. i chose to work on a feminist  radio show, in Brisbane, since  the   person who ran it,   knew  about me in 1998. and left  because of  management.  so,  they didn’t know that it  took me  10  years to  fix it  again.  so  when they returned , they   found that the   feminst  show was  run by  me. after all this  time.  still at it  so back to the   story . the old feminist  radio announcer.returns to the  radio station in 2007,. right  when  communications  between management and   the feminist  radio show  broke   down, even lower . I  told thereplacements. , that,  the radio  management got  rid of  everyone  who  defied the  rules, . and then, they  break the  rules, and  leave, . too much  trouble  , to  maintain, a  university   degree and  tackle  management  who  don’t  even  know, where,  the  youth  culture are  headed,  let alone, thir  own ego/ the  idea is, this ”  feminism:, there are no  rules. before the old feminist  came back and the  complex restructuring  by  what I  had  told them. .the  story  was that everyone  left the  show, manangement  sacked  them all, and these  were  people  from my  feminist group at  university.  at the  same time  I went into the  radio station to  find out,  as  a  “janitor” what  was  happening, I  realised  the “janitor  was the most   interesting job in any   work place. In an  accident of  misunderstanding an meaning, and  my  feminist  history  ..

I was the  token male on a  feminist  radio show   by  accident. I was left with the passwords to the  websites,  and told that management  was corrupted, and  should  never  have  anything to  do  with management, well tha tis  something an Asperger  knows how  to  do, . .  I  was Asperger, I  knew this    job was  mine.  and  had  been in this  task  .  where ever I went  management  were after a good  time, helping people is  not  a good time.   helping  people is the  struggle  on the  teacher, as  well as the  student.  so,   in  an interesting  story, I went on to  maintain  the  database, reguardless if  management  eroded into an egotistical idealistic  crusaide.

I had other homeless, starving  out of  work  performers  to  take  care of,  . I  could not  sit back, and  just   watch them  disappear, in the  same political   climate  as  7  years  ago, and  here  we go, I  am back  7   years later I  had  gone through  all that  at university. I  was  not  going to  let, the  insecurities of  management  interfere  with the importance of  social justice, gender  and  sexuality.  I was  an asexualman,   how, could I as  asexual, have  a  genuine  relationship  with  someone.  so I went on . maintaining the   media /  sector / arts / entertainment. at   4zzz.     365  days  a  year,  24 hours  a day and  no one  interfered.   I   since  have  stopped  in  the past   few months, and been  working on a  lego themed,  brick builders  youtube show. . / . I  was  beginning a  journey on how ..

i as a  former  homeless  student  of  Victorian  university homeless sleeping room,  ( lol) and   Canberra Univerisity and  Adelaide  university   although  sydney  was in there  at on stage in 1993 – 1998 .   i didn;t  really think  NSW  would have the ability to  maintain a person  like  me  with no identity and no bank account. I was very artistic and musicially  driven at  school, yet  in  high  school, I  found that I  could not  communicate my thoughts  with me  thinking people would  take my  lifestyle  away  from me, and   apart  from  me  being  a mentor for a  few  1000  people I   would have  to  say, that. no one really  knows  how  to talk to  a  student in  the  way that i know, it is  as though. even when I was following my  lectuer at  Uni of  sunshine coast,  (  Dr Karen R. Brooks she  saw that I had an  ability, yet  no one   has supported me in my   endevours, such endevours now,  ..are that the management of the  lego show. the  organisers. want me  to  go to America, and  tour  with the  group of  people  who inspired us as  lego  builders. .  we  go online as  adults.  and  reconnect  with lego . and   do an  international show, and  I was listening to theoretical speeches, and beginning to  see that, I  hope  I leave  what  I had left  bejind, me, that those people that I had of helped , will be  left behind me,. lol, sounds   funny. and I think abou the  radio management in its  form now, is  hopefully  going to maintain the  radio station int o prosperity. / the  same  problems in all management, that , people  do not  know someones  history, or  my  motivation.for being online  for over 20 years, yeah,  who needs  a  relationship, I  can do that  later on when I  m   80  years old.. I  have peoples  lives to  save,.  I   have to  help  my own  Australian  network of  friends, before I  leave, and  go to America .  but  some of them   say,; oh adam./ this  american   task is  set for  you, you can’t   pretend  to  disappear from society for  20 years, when you  run a mentor  program, tha  singles  people out, and  you  hve   helped people  grow  as   real  particiapants,  those people have   gone on to  do more  education, and training. and  yet, you still,   prevail, to   seek , to  help  others, not  knowing that when one  looks at it, . one  can’t  save  everyone  all the  time.  . we are all.   interested, in maintainling a  connection to  the  country and the people in it.   . I would say that,. my  connectivity to   the  youth  sector, and the different  approach to understanding  society. is a  different  approach to ,  maintaining  a different  word  structure, and  different  perspective,   like  a  new  age  detective,  I would have  to define it as.  ,  so   I am  adam spong, and  this is  my story .