Chad’s Brick Hobby

Chad’s Brick Hobby started his long lived Lego affair in the year of our Lego Lord-1978, at the young age of seven.  His first set was #600 Police Patrol​, and purchased at a Montgomery Wards store in Oct of ’78

​.  His hatred for Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys was complete and his birthday soon followed with Police Headquarters Set #588

​and Coast Guard Set # 575.

​ For X-mas that year, his Family had given him a set of road plates and his city building experience was off.  In the ’80’s Lego had Issue an Idea Book # 6000,

6000 (1)
​which fueled his Lego experience to the point of forever being his most favorite Toy of all time.  After High School became his Grey Age and only a certain few sets were purchased.  It’s when he became an Adult, and had children of his own did his love of Lego explode out of his Dark Ages (Dang you Harry Potter) . He started purchasing all the Lego Sets that he wanted as a young boy,  It was soon realized that he had a serious problem and was in and out of Lego Detox Centers for several years.  Today he has embraced his addiction with the fellow help of a Wonderful Lego You Tube Community.  You can see him take part in a weekly support group called the AP Stream.

Favorite Theme: Town/City-Castle
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