Cool Kid Bricks

Not much is known about Cool Kid Bricks’ childhood, other than he was born a Lego Master Builder in the 1980’s. We do know that he was stripped of his Lego Master Builder status in the Fall of 1995 when his parents took his precious Lego away from him (All his Lego was sold in a “Yard Sale” while he was at school). This is when he entered his Dark Ages.

During his Dark Ages there were often glimmers of hope that he would return to his beloved Lego and regain the status of Lego Master Builder…but like most AFOLs in their Dark Ages, his dreams would have to wait. CKB sailed the 7 seas and ended up living in Japan in 2009, where he would remain until 2015. In 2011, he met Mrs. CKB, he didn’t know it at the time, but she would be the driving force to push him out of his Dark Ages. They married in 2012, and during this time a new shopping center was being constructed near their home in Japan, this shopping center would include the areas first Toys ‘r Us. In 2013, when the shopping center was completed, Mr. and Mrs. CKB made a visit to the brand new Toys ‘R Us, and it was there that CKB saw the Lego Section! Memories of building with Lego as a child soon flooded his head, and like a kid he ran over to the Lego section! He wanted everything! To his amazement, Mrs. CKB told him “You should buy some (Lego)”. That day, he left with 2013 Lego set #79103 Turtle Lair Attack.


That night he went home and built it, unbeknownst to CKB, he unearthed a thirst for Lego that could never be quenched. He immediately went back the next day to purchase more sets, ranging from Iron Man 3 sets, to DC sets, to some city sets. He eventually found a Lego store 2 hours away from his home (It was an actual Lego store with no PaB wall in Japan).

When CKB finally came back to the United States from the Far East in 2015, he discovered what a Pick-a-Brick wall was, he also received his first Lego Passport and started to collect Lego Store stamps (at the time of this writing he has stamps from 9 different Lego Stores), he also discovered there was a Lego Community on YouTube. He began watching City Update videos and MOC videos…it was this that encouraged him to build his very own Lego City…New Brick City…in June of 2015 the foundation of New Brick City was poured. He also began doing City Update videos that same month. He hasn’t earned the status of Lego Master Builder again…but he strives everyday to once again be called . . . a Lego Master Builder.