GO4BOB First lego sets were received in 1978 for birthday and Christmas they were sets 625,891,377, and so on. GO4BOB’s first technic set was set 851 at about that same time, he still has these sets and all the parts and the box of 851.

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What makes GO4BOB so different is, even though some go through a dark ages spell, GO4BOB continuously collected, he does admit at some stage he may have slowed down to maybe one set per year. In the mid to late 90s GO4BOB’s collecting boomed.

GO4BOB has kept all boxes from about 1987 and all instructions and ad material from 1978.

GO4BOB has contributed set pictures to Brickset, when set bpictures are unavailable GO4BOB has been a reliable source of set imagery. GO4BOB’s collection can be viewed on brickset, as it’s public if you look. GO4BOB is also a set inventory verifier on Bricklink, as he does like to make sure all his sets and elements are all there.

GO4BOB has and does like older Lego sets that he has purchased through  eBay and other selling platforms, He is known to  buy anything with a Lego Logo, as he knows it stands for quality. GO4BOB has a YouTube channel Go4bob (the bob part stands for Brick On Brick. -He thought of that after), which he started about June, 2015 and is now a resident host of the AP Stream.

“Learning is a constant thing in life and i hope to learn from other collectors and give tips on collecting to the new collectors, with always being inspired by others that do MOCs and have Layouts of whatever theme they choose.”