No More Bricks

NoMoreBricks, popularly known as NMB, is the co-founder of the Brick Hoarders Club, Lord of Legolopolis, Warden of the Comments,  Weilder of the Ban Hammer and appointed Master of the Spong. He is closely associated with the Asian Pacific  and their sister, TubeLUG communities. A fan of Lego since the early 90’s, officially became a Masterbuilder at the age of 3, his first set was 6247 Bounty Boat (1992) with a brick count of 33. To this day he still has the original boat from this set, its crew is still unaccounted for.


Throughout the ages, he acquired various sets from the basic construction tubs of brick, Bionicle, Life on Mars, Star Wars, Alpha Team, Aqua Raiders, and his all time favorite Johnny Thunder and the Adventures!


Unfortunately, like most FOLS, there comes a time when the passion and love for Lego burns out and the Dark Ages emerge. The endless dreams, of one day owning a room full of Lego was sparatically coursing through his mind during those dark years of 2002-2014. Then came the Awakening, the light to shine upon those FOLs that have verged into the Path of Darkness… THE LEGO MOVIE.

lego movie

NMB and Shutterbricks.jpg

With his emergence out of the darkness , he wasted no time to fulfill his dream not as a single entity but as brick hoarding duo. And ShutterBricks and NoMoreBricks were born!  With his wife by his side, he is destined for greatness.The first set he bought was set 10221-1 Super Star Destroyer UCS on May the 4th 2014.



A raging fire burned within this AFOL, a fire so large by by end of 2014 he accumulated various Star Wars, Lego City, and Castle sets. By early 2015, the first buildings of Legolopolis were erected!



Starting with the Town Hall, Parisian Restaurant, Grand Emporium, and a custom Apple Store MOC. Legolopolis is a city where all the Lego themes come and live.

chima legopolis.jpg

As time goes by, NoMoreBricks met some great people and long lost family members such as brick adjuster Family. He also Co-Founded the Brick Hoarders Club with Brick Adjuster as well and a fiend at hashtagging #AFOLproblems on Instagram. You can catch him in the wild as a regular on the Asian Pacific Stream at 0730 EST.

Favortie Theme: Star Wars, Candle lit Dinners, Walks on the beach at sunset.

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Instagram: NoMoreBricks