Ozzie Bricks

Ozzie Bricks is a long time Lego fan.  Having first started collecting Lego in 1985, his first set was the LEGOLAND Police Station, set 6384.


This then balloned out to a mini city with road plates, firestation and petrol station. By this stage Ozzie Bricks was hooked and became a city builder.


In 1992 Ozzie Bricks started to venture into his Lego dark ages. In 2012 Ozzie Bricks came out of his Lego dark ages hitting the ground running. Funnily enough, Ozzie Bricks bought the exact same sequence of Lego sets as he did as a child. As an AFOL his first set was the Lego City Police Station, set 7498. This was immediately followed up by lego-7498-suggestions-Christmas-gift-ibrickcity.jpg

the 2013 Lego City Firestation set 60004, in his opinion the best Lego City Fire Station ever released by the Lego Group.

maxresdefault (1)

from here Ozzie Bricks started to look for road plates and a petrol station for his city.


From here Ozzie Bricks started to traul through classifieds and eBay for all the back catalogue of the Lego City series. By 2015, Ozzie Bricks had accumulated a vast catalogue of lego city and Creator sets, including modular buildings. It was then, that Ozzie Bricks made contact with Downunder Bricks and asked if he should start a channel.

Ozzie Bricks took this advice and unlike most City builders decided to morph all Lego Minifig themes excluding Chima into his City. A standard Ozzie Bricks City Update video features themes in the city from DC and Marvel, Starwars, Indiana Jones, Ultra Agents, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, CMFs, and Custom figs.

Ozzie Bricks soon started to voice disaproval in mid 2015 about the Lego Chima theme to such a point that an Anti-Chima Unit was formed. Ozzie Bricks has made it his mission to be certain that no Chima is added to his city.

The rest is history. In late 2015 Ozzie Bricks joined SydLUG, the Sydney Lego User Group. Ozzie Bricks plans on participating in exhibitions in the near future.

First Lego Set: Set 6384 Police Station

Favourite theme: Lego City

Favourite Comic Book Character: Deadpool, Punisher

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