Port City Bricks

Port City Bricks is a collaboration channel between a husband and wife building team. Jeremy and Andrea never really had or played with Lego as children, but once they found it, they were full steam ahead. A few years ago they were shopping at Concord Mills Mall, in Concord, NC. There happens to be a Lego store there, so they went in and found the Lego Star Wars UCS Imperial Shuttle on the Scratch & Dent shelf. Andrea took it home, built it and fell in love with Lego. Now it was Jeremy’s turn, and his first set build was the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl.
Once they had their feet wet they started collecting Star Wars Lego sets, and that continued until 2015, which is when the madness began. In early 2015, they started purchasing the Marvel and DC Super Heroes sets, and swore that was all they would collect. But with any addiction, it soon got out of hand. On a trip to Iceland in early June of 2015 they were hanging out in the camper van they were driving around the country, and Jeremy found some Lego inside! Taking it as a sign they picked up a 2013 Christmas Tree Truck set at a grocery store and that was the moment the rest of the themes started coming into their collection.
On June 24th, 2015 they started their Youtube channel and have been going full speed ahead since then. From where they started as Star Wars set builder/collectors, they now build and collect everything from Star Wars and Super Heroes, to Friends and Duplo! Nothing Lego is off limits! But not only do they build sets, they love to build MOCs as well. Lots of different things from Custom Modulars and scenes, to a Pier from the town where they now call home, Southport, NC!
Since then, they have joined in with the Lego Community on Youtube and continue to make friends from all over the world! You may have heard of the series 14 minifigure affectionately known as Zombie Jeremy, and sometimes Andrea is known by her alter ego, the Nudist Overlord of Legolopolis! If you want to find out more about them you can find them on Youtube at Port City Bricks or PCB Kids! (Which is their channel that focuses on Lego sets for Ages 2-12). They are also on Instagram @Port City Bricks!