TF Bricks

Howdy everyone, you might be wondering who I am.  You might be wondering what TF stands for (like many people do).  So let me introduce myself.  My name is Chad (not that other Chad), but Chad, I am a child of the 80’s, I’ve grown up loving Lego for as long as I can remember.  Also since I’m a child of the 80’s, I’ve loved one other toy theme that started around the time of my birth TRANSFORMERS.  That my friends is how I got my name TF Bricks, it is a combination of my two favorite themes of all times.  Transformers (TF) and Lego (Bricks) and so began my Youtube creation and why you are probably reading about me now.


So for the Lego stats about myself.  I started with my very first set I ever received  which was probably a gift from my parents/grandparents/aunt/uncle, somebody, Legoland set #6380.



Which I still have to this day, granted it is in pieces, but I still have it and have built and torn down many times.  I love Lego City as my go to theme from Lego.  I have dreamt of doing a Lego City since I was a kid, after reading some book about a child thrown into his Lego city and fighting against evil bad guys.  So after highschool and some collage, I began buying Lego sets again.  Naturally I went straight to Lego City, and probably the first set I purchased was Lego City Set # 7945



So from there I began buying Lego City/Space Police/Power Miners/ Superheroes/Creator/and some Star Wars.  Than after seeing YouTube videos about Lego Cities, I decided to start my own YouTube channel.  I’ve been doing Youtube for just over a year, and I’ve gotten to meet with and talk with so many others like myself who just didn’t have anyone else who understood how fun Lego can be.  You’ll see my regularly on the AP Stream and any videos I make for my channel.  So that’s just a little about myself, and remember “Till All Are Bricks.”


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